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00:01, November 14, 2006 BACKed-UP ARTICLES 1,344 Comments Sina Weibo

今天TGE 1.5也下到了,在公司用BT拖了一整天…明天可以好好研究一下了… Justice又要停播一个多月,要到12月11日继续OA,郁闷…近期最喜欢的美剧之一,喜欢的程度甚至超过了LOST… OK,not like CNN nor BBC,only CCTV gives you both sides of every story,the government side,and the Communist side.
Don’t misunderstand me.I believe in democracy,but I refuse not to believe our government.
I wrote this with extraordinary faith in our government,that is why I rather wrote this in English.]]>

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